Antharacite coal from Russia
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Antharacite coal from Russia

Цена по запросу
GS GROUP Dmitry Viktorovich
sales manager
GS Group, ООО,  Москва, RU
на Флагма с 14 мая 2019


We produce and selling: anthracite, coke, thermal anthracite on the most favorable terms.

We offer high-quality coal, low prices, delivery by sea and railway transport to any region of the world.
We will make coal with characteristics according to your requirements. We will calculate for You the cost of coal including delivery.
Deliveries are carried out directly from the coal mining enterprise without intermediaries.

Inspection of coal quality during shipment is carried out by an independent company SGS / Incolab.

Offer to supply anthracite with the following characteristics:
Moisture - less than 6%, Ash - less than 6%, Sulfur – less than 1%, Volatility – 3%, Gross – more than 7000.
Size 25-100 mm, 50-100 mm; 25-70 mm, 25-50 mm, 13-25 mm, 6-13 mm, 0-6 mm and other fractions.

Application for the supply of coal You can send to our e-mail. For any additional questions, please contact us by phone.

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GS Group, ООО,  Москва, RU
на Флагма с 14 мая 2019

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GS GROUP Dmitry Viktorovich
sales manager
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